Advanced Electro-Chemical Oxidation (ECO)

Blue Eden's is on the leading edge of the development of Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation ("ECO").  As a result of recent developments of new materials and advancements in design, ECO has become an effective and efficient water treatment process.  The Blue Eden group has successfully commercialized the technology for removal of organic materials. 

Advanced electrochemical oxidation is used to destroy organic contaminants such as naphthenic acids, organic aromatic compounds and dissolved organics. The process uses specially coated non-sacrificial electrodes that oxidize organics primarily through the generation of O-radicals, and to a lesser degree, the generation of H2O2 as a by-product. This chemical free method to generate powerful oxidizing O-Radicals makes ECO unique, novel and highly effective in reducing or fully eliminating the COD concentration in various waters and processes. 

Our ECO systems are an excellent finishing step within the full waste water treatment process or on a stand-alone basis to remove organic material.

Customized Solutions


Our continuous flow ECO systems are built to meet unique customer specifications as a single unit or on a modular basis.

ECO as Tertiary Treatment


Utilizing ECO as a finishing treatment can allow for efficient removal of biologically toxic or non-degradable materials such as aromatics, pesticides, petroleum constituents, and volatile organic compounds in wastewater.

Chemical-Free Removal of Organics


Our advanced electrochemical oxidation water treatment systems destroys stubborn organic contaminants without added chemicals.