Enhanced Electro-flotation (EF)

Blue Eden's Enhanced Electro-Flotation process ("EF") has been developed through many years of successful water treatment application.  The process is based upon the principles of electrolysis where a dissolution of metallic ions in water, under the influence of an electrical potential generate charged ions at the electrodes (anode and cathode), which then combine with hydroxyl ions (OH-), generated by the separation of water into hydroxyl ions (OH-) and H2, to form metallic hydroxide flocks.  These flocks bind to particles within the water and then micro-bubbles lift the flocks to the surface where they are separated and removed. 

The result is a very efficient process to remove a broad range of contaminants.  We consider our EF process to be the work-horse of solids removal.  EF that can be used on a stand-alone basis or at the beginning of a staged treatment system.

High Processing Rate


Our high rate continuous flow systems can treat more than 50,000 cubic metres a day.

Modular Systems

Systems are modular, allowing for continuous treatment when maintenance is required.

Our EF systems can built on a modular basis to allow cycling of water treatment for redundancy and maintenance purposes.

Fully Capable Test Equipment


Our full feature commercial EF demonstration systems can be brought to your site to verify treatment effectiveness and operating costs.