Blue eden water

Small, medium and large size water treatment systems available.

Advanced Water Treatment

Blue Eden provides innovative and cost-effective water treatment solutions to industrial and municipal clients through advanced engineering and innovation. Our team has extensive experience implementing waste water solutions for various industries, flow rates and applications. Our services include design, fabrication and commissioning of your waste water treatment plant to meet your specific requirements and ensure that government regulations are met.

We understand that client demands are unique which is why we offer both off the shelve and custom treatment systems.  Our process capabilities include traditional water treatment methods, such as reverse osmosis, biological processes and membrane technologies.  Although, we uniquely specialize in applying our proprietary technologies of Enhanced Electro-Flotation (“EF”) and Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation (“ECO”). These processes can function stand-alone, in combination, or supplement traditional water treatment systems.

Advantages of Blue Eden’s advanced technologies:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Wide range of contaminate removal
  • Reduced power consumption
  • Less chemical usage
  • Increase in water recycling and re-use
  • Reduction in waste sludge
  • Effective for hard to treat contaminants
  • Smaller footprint

Implementing a new waste water treatment system is often a daunting task giving the numerous technologies available, complexity of waste water treatment systems and the significant capital cost.  To assist clients, we have assembled a team with many decades of broad experience that can guide you through the process to ensure the best option is chosen.  We welcome the opportunity to provide our expertise in your next project or enhance your current system.

Industries Served

Our water treatment processes have been implemented globally across a broad spectrum of industries. The following link leads to a non-exhaustive list of industries and applications.

Sustainable Water Treatment

Blue Eden is committed to provide water treatment solutions that respect the environment and enhance our water ecosystems.  Our advanced treatment processes typically consume less energy, produce less solid waste and have lower green house gas emissions, as compared to competing technologies.

Enhanced Electroflotation

When a wide spectrum of contamination removal is required, Blue Eden employs its reliably and cost-effective enhanced Electroflotation (EF) water treatment process.  We consider EF to be the workhorse of water treatment as either a pre-treatment or full solution to remove suspensions and many other contaminants.

Advanced Electrochemical Oxidation

For elimination of organics, Blue Eden offers a system capable of full organic matter removal that is also cost effective, utilizing the chemical free process of advanced electrochemical oxidation (ECO).